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Bruguiera parviflora

hangalai, langarai, mangalai (Tagalog)
Bruguiera parviflora


Substrate muddy
Tidal Level middle
Family Mangrove
Tech Info No technical info available


Shape tree
Height 5-15m
DBH 15-25cm
Bark slightly to very rough, light brown to grayish, few lenticels
AerialRoots knee roots, small buttresses

Found With

Bruguiera cylindrica Comptostemon philippinensis Sonneratia caseolaris Sonneratia alba



Blade Shape elliptic
Apex acuminate
Base acute
Upper Surface smooth, light green
Under Surface waxy, pale green
Size 8(6-10)cm long, 3(2-4)cm wide
Other whitish to light yellow stipules


Inflorescence cyme, axillary
Petals white
Sepals 8, light green
Other -


Shape pencil-like, tapered but blunt tip
Color light green to brown when mature
Texture smooth
Size 14(11-19)cm long, 4-6cm diameter
Other calxy fused, lobes appressed; viviparous

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