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Ben F

24 years old

New Stude


Ben was born in Buyaya parish, Sironko district. He has four sisters and three brothers. His mother lives in Sironko and the father went to stay in Mbale district after divorcing  the wife. He was raised up by his mother who is a subsistence farmer. Since his mother could not afford paying for him school fees, he dropped out of school. He would like to set up a small business so that he can get income to pay for  his young sisters and brothers school fees but he doesn't have capital.He also has a two years old son called Fungo Dan to take care of. His wish, “ I wish I had money, I would set up a computer center.” His hobbies include:- playing football, athletics and singing. He also participates in the church activities for example training the church members in music. His desire is to visit USA because he thinks that he will be able to see modern computer technology and businesses in that country. Message to any one willing to sponsor him, “ Please, I would like to get a sponsor to help me  with capital to start a small business so that I can  get income to support my family."



Volunteer Handover Notes

Enrolled Classes

Class: Buyaya Computer Class A

School: School for Andy Buyaya

The Buyaya Computer class meets twice a week in the small rural parish of Buyaya.

Student of the Week

Jennylyn is a RYE school english student currently at level 3. Jennylyn is sister of Raffy and they have 5 other brothers and sisters. The oldest is 16 years old and the youngest is 7 years old. She lives in a small home with 5 of her brothersand her parents. The 6 children living at home all share a tiny room and sleep on the floor.The oldest son is working in Batangas (a 12 hour ferry ride away from Cawayan) in a chicken farm to help support the family with his small wage. Jennylyn walks down a very steep and dangerous hill for 20 minutes to get to school. Parts are concrete but most of the path is thin and muddy. She has to walk the same route at least4 times a day, as she has lunch at home. The condition of the path means that on the rainy days she is unable to attend school. Neither of her parents are in full time employment. Her father fishes on the days that it is possible to climb down the Payawpao mountation, it is at least an hours walk down. If he has a good day fishing he can afford to give his family 3 meals a day with rice. Otherwise they only have rice once a day. The other days they have bolied root vegtables for breakfast and diner and they can only afford rice for lunch. On the other days he farms. Jennylyn's mother sells their crops on the near by island Romblom 3 days a week depending on the weather. Jennylyn's parents hope that their children will be able to finish their studies and find a good job that will allow them to have a better lifestyle then they currently have.  

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