We love our schools in Uganda and Nepal!  They bring us so much joy!  None of this would be possible without our wonderful staff, especially Esther, Hema, and Mary.

We educate about one hundred students across both our schools.  We provide them with dedicated well-paid teachers, a school lunch program, school supplies, mosquito nets, and so much more!

All these costs add up an we need your help!

Introducing, the Friends of Meaningful Volunteer program!

By becoming a Friend of Meaningful Volunteer, you help us keep our schools running.  Any little bit helps! $1 a month is fine!  

For just $7.50 a month, you can cover the costs of one student.

In return you will receive

  • The eternal gratitude of everyone here at Meaningful Volunteer, especially our amazing students.

  • Your name on the side of the school, similar to our Meaningful Contributors wall.

  • A special thank you message from one of our students.

You can, of course, remain anonymous if you wish.

 धन्यवा, wan yala nabe, and thank you from all of us!