Mary's Magic Porridge

We’re so happy to see our school in Uganda going from strength to strength. 

But why is this? What has caused this success? 

One key ingredient - both literally and figuratively - is Mary’s Magic Porridge. 

According to this UNICEF report, a full stomach is critical to learning. Here’s an excerpt from the report: 

Early childhood: Hunger in this stage of life, indicated by low birthweight, growth faltering and micronutrient deficiencies, can cause damage to a person’s basic learning capacity (i.e. their ability to utilize future learning opportunities). Hunger can also limit an infant’s opportunities to explore the world around them (i.e. to gain access to stimulation) and to concentrate on those interactions (i.e. to utilize those opportunities).

This is why we feed our students everyday in the form of Mary’s Magic Porridge. We consider it the most important factor is our students’ ability to learn, high above things like quality teaching (which we also have!), school resources, textbooks and so on. 

So next time you are in Buyaya, be sure to share in a cup of Mary’s Magic Porridge