RYE Schools

Our RYE Schools take a radical approach to education in developing communities!


We foster a sense of ownership and commitment to the program by insisting that all students pay for their term fees.  Money is - of course - hard to come by so we charge them in garbage! 

For example, bringing along five bags of rubbish from the beach is enough for one terms worth of fees.

Just because we are funded by garbage, that doesn't mean we can't have world class education facilities.  All our schools have books specifically designed for speakers of other languages.  And each book has detailed instructions on how to teach it.

This ensures that when the volunteers arrive to their placement area, they are fully prepared to teach the students and are not constantly reinventing the wheel.

We also provide detailed information about the classes, who the students are, what books are being taught and hand over notes from previous volunteers.  A couple of sample classes are shown below so you can see how all this information fits together.