Meaningful Volunteer Go Live Event and World Poverty Day


Meaningful Volunteer is pleased to announce its Go Live event!  Here are the details:

Where: Curry Town Restaurant, Itaewon, South Korea
When: Saturday October 18th, 7pm
What: An evening of great Indian Food

We've chosen the Saturday date because October 17th is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

We can't think of a better day to launch an organization dedicated to kicking Poverty in the butt.

The event will be a joint fundraiser between Meaningful Volunteer and Integral Trust Partnership - a fantastic NGO who are doing excellent work in Cambodia and Thailand.

Attending from afar

South Korea is obviously too far a distance for many of you to travel, but we want everyone to be able to have a presence and to be able to make a contribution.  From afar you can:

  • Make a Meaningful Contribution
    This is also a great opportunity to announce our online store.  Click here to see some of the ways you can help support us in a meaningful way.  

    At the moment, we need books, books and more books to help get our RYE School underway in the Philippines.

  • Send a support email
    Send us an email to with your message.  We'll display it on the night itsel