The Meaningful Shop Launches


Meaningful Volunteer is delighted to announce the launch of its Meaningful Shop website.

What is the Meaningful Shop?  The Meaningful Shop is a 100% non-profit website that supports developing communities inmany ways. 

  • An online presence for craft groups around the world
    We already have two craft groups join our shop.  Grassroots Uganda and the Payawpao Orchids (based in the Philippines).  You can log in now and buy many beautiful crafts from these groups including: necklaces, earrings, bags, key rings, bowls, handbags... The list goes on!  And what's best is that 100% of the profits are returned to the ladies!
  • Child Sponsorship
    You can also sponsor children via the Meaningful Shop.  At the moment, we have 139 Filipino children who need your help with school fees, school supplies, lunch programs and clothing.  As Meaningful Volunteer expands into the Mbale region of Uganda, Ugandan children and customized sponsorship options will be added. 
  • Sponsor Community Workers
    The developing world is awash with community workers (read volunteers) who work tirelessly in their communities for little or no reward.  Barangay (village) healthcare workers in the Philippines are a good example.  We think these people are wonderful and deserve all the help they can get.  The Meaningful shop allows for sponsorship options such as food packs and piggery projects.  More workers will be added in Uganda.
  • Projects
    Meaningful Volunteer is involved in many projects around the world: Some big, some small.  The Meaningful Shop is a way for us to gather funds for these projects.  We currently have school projects in the Philippines and Uganda, as well a married couple in the Philippines suffering under the burden of gangrenous debt.
  • Support Volunteer Programs
    Wanna help out Meaningful Volunteer, but just can't make the commitment to travel to a developing country?  Then check out the options on the Meaningful Shop website for ways that you can help.

All of us here at Meaningful Volunteer are excited about the Meaningful Shop.  So, log on, check out the myriad of meaningful options we have on offer and be safe in the knowledge that anything you do on the Meaningful Shop will have a positive impact on developing countries.