Project Updates

Meaningful Volunteer is almost set to go on the Romblon Islands in the Philippines.  Malcolm Trevena recently did some research on some of the projects and this is what he found out.

RYE School Update

more kids.jpg

The RYE School has found a temporary location, changed its focus on how the children will contribute, decided on some computers and found a site to build the school. 

Project Lifecycle Update

Meaningful Volunteer has met up with Father Nelson - one of the local priests on the island - and the local health care workers. 

Project Mangrove Update

The mangroves in Romblon are in a sorry state.   Meaningful Volunteer will be bringing in a world class Filipina mangrove expert to help with the project. 

School Building Update

Meaningful Volunteer will be working closely with CERV Philippines on the School Building and Maintenance program.