How we will save the mangroves

Saving the mangroves is not easy. Many people have attempted mangrove reforestation around the world and almost as many have failed.

Here at Meaningful Volunteer, we are determined to do it better.

How will we do this?  Well, we will not do it by reinventing the wheel.  We will do it by seeking the help of as many experts as we can and use standard methods that have been proven to work.

A lot of the work involving in saving the mangroves is documentation.  This is especially true for a project like Project Mangrove as we will have lots of short term volunteers helping.  Organizing all this information can be daunting.

Meaningful Volunteer has created this tool for keeping our documentation organized.  It provides a one stop shop for all our documentation as we collect it.

This document is a little outdated now, but represents our original vision.

Note also that this paper summarizes why a lot of the mangrove projects failed around the Philippines and should be compulsory reading for anyone wanting to be a part of Project Mangrove.