Dynamic Project Plan

Reforesting mangroves is not easy.  It is hard.  Most projects fail.  We don't want Project Mangrove to fail.  We want it to thrive. 

To make it thrive, we need to do the hard work now before we even think about planting mangroves.  We need to document and research; document and research.

We are forever coming across new information and ideas and techniques.  So much so, that even our original plan is now out of date.

With all this is mind, Meaningful Volunteer has created this document management tool for Project Mangrove.  It is an on-line tool that will:

  • Allow volunteers to publish their findings.
  • Keep track of what still needs to be done.
  • Provide a professional image that will both attract funding and potential volunteers.

...and - of course! - make the mangroves thrive!