RYE School to be Launched in Uganda


Following on from the success in the Philppines, Meaningful Volunteer is set to launch a another RYE School in Uganda.

Once the initial ground work has been laid as part of the Heart of Uganda program, applicants will be accepted from November 2009.

Garbage Funded

What is a RYE School?  We have designed our RYE (Recycle Your Education) Schools  to be radical education environments.  They are funded - in part - by volunteers such as yourself, and partly by the students who pay their school fees in garbage.  Garbage?!  How does that work?  Click here for more information.

Detailed Student Information

We believe in providing the best possible information about our students and classes.  This provides:

  • An excellent way for new volunteers to meet the students they will be teaching
  • Provides a way for potential sponsors to get to know some kids
  • Provides a motivational tool for students
    "Little Johnny can sponsored and he is getting better marks than you.  What do you think you should do?"

Click here to meet some of our Filipino students and click here to see their academic performance.

On-line Lesson Plans and Training

Many other volunteer programs place untrained teachers with zero experience in developing countries with zero resources and expect them to perform miracles.  This is the very antithesis of a meaningful experience.

Here at Meaningful Volunteer, we believe in equipping volunteers with as much information and training as we can.  We have in depth help available for our English land series of books and here are just a few examples of the type of resources you'll have available to you.  Also, you might want to check out one of our on-line lesson plans. 

Volunteer with us!

By volunteering with us you will:

  • Have a meaningful impact on a developing community.

  • Have a meaningful and life-changing experience

  • Be provided you with training before you go
    Before you come to the Uganda, we'll let you know which books you'll be teaching and how to teach them.  

  • Help to teach Ugandan children computer skills.

  • Know exactly where your money is going.