The Meaningful Shop


Meaningful Volunteer is delighted to announce the launch of the Meaningful Shop program in the Philippines. 

The Meaningful Shop is the umbrella organization for Meaningful Volunteer that coordinates all the various craft groups and sponsorship opportunities across Meaningful Volunteer placement countries.  It will be all coordinated via the website (still in development).

By volunteering in the Philippines, you'll get to work with the wonderful ladies who are part of the Payawpao Orchids craft group.  Mt. Payawpao (Pa-ya-pow) is a local mountain that dominates the local landscape.

It is important that you bring some new craft ideas with you when you volunteer with the programs.  Just "hanging out" with the ladies is not encouraged.

By volunteering with this program you will:

  • Introduce new crafts to the group
    Crafts that use recycled items are best.
  • Help market the crafts
  • Experience living and working in a developing community

So far, the Payawpao Orchids have learned how to make jewelry and various other items from paper-based beads.  They have a logo designed and are already planning many activities to market their craft.