Filipino District Manager Announced


Meaningful Volunteer is delighted to announce the appointment of Eden Navia as the new district manager for the Philippines.  Eden will have sole responsibility for our operations in the Philippines and will take over from Malcolm Trevena.  Malcolm is moving to Uganda in mid-October to set up Meaningful Volunteer Uganda. 

Eden is the loving mother to Andrea Denise and has worked extensively in the NGO (Non Government Organization) since here student days where she was a student organizer and agrarian reform worker.

Meaningful Volunteer had ten applicants for this position.  In keeping with Meaningful Volunteer's employment policy, all applicants were Filipino and came from within the local community.  Eden shone throughout the application process with her excellent written and spoken English, computer skills, organizational ability and personality.

We expect great things from Eden and can't wait to see where she takes Meaningful Volunteer Philippines.

Eden can be contacted at