Craft Days


The Payawpao Orchids recently promoted their crafts during a market day that was organized by the local government.

The Orchids took turns selling items throughout the day.

A total of 500 pesos was raised ($US 10.46).  This was quite a bit lower than what was hoped for.  It highlighted for the Orchids that San Agustin in not their target market.  Selling items to their fellow Filipinos helps a little, but the real gains are to be made in the international market via the soon-to-be released Meaningful Shop website.

In other related news, Vivina Bance - a Payawpao Orchid - recently demonstrated how to make the paper beads to a livelihood project mini-conference. 

The Orchids have a philosophy of sharing their knowledge to as many people as possible, even if it means some of these people end up becoming their competitors.