Rubber Soul Global Event for World AIDS day


Meaningful Volunteer is delighted to announce a massive fundraiser across four countries and three continents to mark World AIDS Day on December 1st!

Funds from this event will go to a number of HIV charities including Meaningful Volunteer. Meaningful Volunteer will use the money to build a solar-powered school in the HIV ravaged village of Buyaya in Eastern Uganda.

Check out the home page for Rubber Soul here.

Events will be held in the following cities:

  • Seoul, South Korea
    Sixteen bands will rock out at three different venues in the Hongdae area.

  • Vancouver, Canada
    Ten bands will perform at the University of British Columbia

  • Sydney, Australia
    Five bands will perform at the Lewisham Hotel followed by a DJ

  • Madison, U.S.A.
    A dining event at Bradbury's will host 40 people with the proceeds going to Rubber Soul.

Merchandise from Grassroots Uganda and Little Travelers will be sold at all events.

21 Nov 2010