Meaningful Volunteers Representing on International Women's Day


March the 8th marks (the 99th!) International Women's day.  Meaningful Volunteer has always been a strong supporter of women's rights through initiatives such as hundred or so ladies who earn money through the Meaningful Shop, and the dozens of female health volunteers who have been trained through the Project Lifecycle program .

On International Women's Day, Meaningful Volunteer has three wonderful female volunteers representing on the island of Romblon in the Philippines.  One is working with the Payawpao Orchids to expand the Meaningful Shop program, one is expanding the Project Lifecycle to another six or so villages, and another is working hard on environmental issues through Project Mangrove.

And let's also take this opportunity to acknowledge our wonderful staff: Eden Navia who runs things in the Philippines, Scarlet Nabwire who runs things in Uganda, and Meran Chang our volunteer coordinator.