Project Lifecyle Project Plan


Ingrid Potgieter and Malcolm Trevena have been the two mainstays of Project Lifecyle.  They both worked out to successfully roll out the SDM (Single Days Method) method of contraception.  Ingrid recently departed for her home in New Zealand and Malcolm is soon to depart to Uganda to expand the Meaningful Volunteer initiatives.

It is important that the lessons learnt, knowledge acquired, and methods implemented by both Malcolm and Ingrid are not lost.  The information is invaluable to future volunteers and - in fact - anyone else who wants to roll out the SDM in the Philippines or other countries.

With that in mind, Meaningful Volunteer is proud to release its on-line project plan for Project Lifecycle. 

Over the coming weeks, both Malcolm and Ingrid will fill out relevant sections of the plan with information they have acquired.  Future volunteers will firstly use this as a resource and then supplement the plan further with the lessons they have learnt.

The project plan is based on the Standard Days Method: Implementation Guidelines for Program Personnel. which was developed by Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

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