Happy Birthday to Andy Manley


A big Happy Birthday goes out to Andy Manley from the whole team here at Meaningful Volunteer!

Who is Andy Manley?

Andy Manley is a wonderful human being who we all miss dearly. Andy died tragically in a house explosion in November of 2010.  

Andy dreamed of being a teacher and was actively pursuing his goals before he passed away.  Andy's death has not been in vain as even in death, he has succeeded in educating the less fortunate.

In September 2011, a solar powered school called School For Andy was built in the small rural parish of Buyaya in eastern Uganda.  The school was built in his honour. 

The school is being used for:

  • Computer classes
  • Tailoring classes
  • Malaria education and training
  • An upcoming preschool program

Since its initial construction, Andy's School has grown and grown thanks to individuals, families, groups, and school classes from all over the world. An edible school yard has been grown, a cow shelter constructed for the soon-to-be-purchased milking cow, and a rain-fed water system will be installed soon.

Andy may have passed away, but his legacy lives on. You're a great man Andy, and we miss you dearly.