Big thanks to all our Volunteers on International Volunteer Day


December 5th marks International Volunteer Day, and Meaningful Volunteer wants to send a massive amount of appreciation and admiration to all our volunteers that have made a meaningful difference around the world.

Over the past year we have built schools, distributed mosquito nets, established a fair trade label, educated many children and adults, sponsored children, established a fair trade coffee partnership, helped with female reproductive rights, and countless other gains.

2012 looks to be another exciting year with another solar powered school to be built, most likely in Nepal.

Big props to all our international volunteers!

This is also a good chance to thank our wonderful international staff, none of whom get paid.

Much love and respect to all of the following:

  • Meran Rogers for being the first point of contact for our volunteers
  • Anne Eichmeyer for helping with our marketing
  • Megin Alvarez for countless hours behind the scenes
  • Raymund Villanueva for giving us a push when needed

And let's not forget our paid staff in the Philippines and Uganda who make all this possible.

  • Eden Navia for running things in the Philippines
  • Esther Nabukonde for running things in Uganda
  • William Gidudu for taking care of the school in Uganda
  • Edith Namataka for running the Mama Pamba program
  • And Mary Wenyisa for cooking such delicious meals in Uganda and picking up countless volunteers