Land Donated for Meaningful Volunteer's School

Malcolm signs the paperwork

Malcolm signs the paperwork

Mrs and Mr.Wabudeya Stephen of Sironko have kindly agreed to donate some land for the construction of Meaningful Volunteer's solar-powered school in Eastern Uganda.  The land is very close to the Meaningful Volunteer's guest house in Buyaya.

Meaningful Volunteer identified a need for a school after it conducted a detail censusof the area.  It was discovered that practically no child under the age of nine could read a single letter, let alone read.  Practically no child under the age of twelve could read triplet words such as: cat, dog, man, and hen.

The school will teach English and computer literacy to both adults and children.

The school is also being built in partnership with the School for Andy movement.  Andy Manley died tragically in a house explosion in Madison on November 9th. Andy was a passionate teacher and the school is being built as a memorial to him.