Meaningful Volunteer Report: SDM Uptake on Tablas Island


Meaningful Volunteer recently compiled a report on the uptake of the SDM method on the island of Tablas in the Philippines.

Meaningful Volunteer promotes the SDM as part of its Project Lifecycle initiative. 

The conclusions of the report are:

  1. The uptake of SDM and CycleBeads on Tablas Island is low
  2. The level of understanding ability to communicate their use is below that required
  3. Interested and able healthcare workers and the midwives should be targeted for regular retraining
  4. The availability of the CycleBeads should be better publicised
  5. The use of condoms should be taught as an alternative to abstinence
  6. Meaningful Volunteer should focus on the provision of sex education at school and consider potential cooperation with the Church
  7. The provision of artificial forms of contraception to make up government shortfall is the simplest and most effective way to impact family planning on Tablas Island

The full report can be downloaded from here

11 Apr 2011