School for Andy Penny War a Success


Brodhead Middle School held a Penny War the week of January 9-13 in hopes of raising the funds needed to supply School for Andy with a rain-fed water system. 

School for Andy is a solar-powered school in Uganda that was built as a memorial to Andy Manley, a 2002 Brodhead High School graduate who died in a 2010 house explosion. 

$850.00 was needed in order to supply the system that would collect water from the roof, funnel it into guttering, and then into a large storage tank, ultimately providing the school with much needed water. 

The students and staff at Brodhead Middle School were able to raise more than needed for the system, collecting a total of $944.00. The rain-fed water system will now be able to be installed at School for Andy. 

Through collecting change, BMS was able to make a change at School for Andy. Thank you to all who participated and donated to the Penny War. Every penny truly did count!