Meaningful Trek and a New School in Nepal


Meaningful Volunteer is delighted to announce that a new solar powered school is scheduled to be built in Nepal in 2013.  The school will continue to legacy of Andy Manly who died tragically in a house explosion.

The money to build the school came from a generous grant to Meaningful Volunteer from the Manly family.  We are excited to be building the school, impacting the lives of underprivileged Nepalese, and remembering Andy Manly. 

In early November, Malcolm Trevena, representatives of the Manly family, and several other individuals will walk to the base camp of Mt. Everest to:

  • Raise Awareness of the plight of Nepalese people
  • Remember Andy Manly
  • Raise funds for the school

Anybody is welcome to come along for the trek. Please send requests to

At the conclusion of the trek, Meaningful Volunteer staff will scout around areas of Nepal to find the ideal place for the school, much like we did in Uganda. See here and here for what we did in Uganda.

As usual we will be targeting an are with the following properties:

  • A safe and secure rural area
  • A safe place for volunteers to stay
  • Access to the Internet via a cellphone network
  • Support from local government
  • Easy access to a major town for supplies, especially building supplies
  • Electrical needs will be covered by the solar system at the school.

Meaningful Volunteer is excited to be expanding our network of solar powered schools and remembering Andy Manly.