The Story of Hope the Dog

Jess, one of our Meaningful Volunteers,  was on her first day in Nepal, and she was exiting a cafe together with Heather Evans, when a very injured dog was crossing a busy street and about to get hit by a number of crazy cars. Jess yelled at the cars to stop and called the dog over. The dog was in horrible condition, with gaping wounds exposing flesh across her entire body and a mangled back leg.

Both Jess and Heather were horrified. 

A few hours later we finally got the dog, who Jess named Hope, into an animal hospital, thanks to our district manager Hema and an incredibly loving taxi driver. The open wounds were likely from scalding hot water someone threw on her to scare her away, and her fractured leg was likely hit by an automobile. She will be staying at the vet's house and undergoing surgery in the coming days. Then we will have to find a home for her in the village where we're staying.

Update: Hope is recovering well from her surgery. It's only been less than a week, but she's already walking around and trying to get that damn cone off her head. And her burn wounds are almost fully healed.

Next task is to find her a loving home in Rithepani.