Penny War for School for Andy 2

School for Andy is a solar-powered school that was built in Uganda as a memorial to Andy Manley, a 2002 Brodhead High School graduate who died in a 2010 house explosion. 

A second School for Andy will be opening in Nepal with many of the same features as the school in Uganda. 

Brodhead Middle School will be holding a "penny war" the week of February 4-8 in hopes of raising the funds needed to supply School for Andy 2 with a rain-fed water system. This system will collect water from the roof, funnel it into guttering, and then into a large storage tank in order to provide the school with much needed water. 

Grade levels at BMS will compete against one another by adding pennies and bills to their jars, while putting silver coins in other grade level jars. Pennies and bills will count as positive points, while silver coins will subtract. The grade level with the most pennies and bills will be the winner. 

By working together, one penny at a time, BMS is collecting change to make a change at School for Andy 2. If you are interested in learning more about School for Andy, you can visit If you would like to make a donation to this cause, it can be dropped off at BMS or you can contact Jessica Schooff at 897-2184 x222 or for more information. Every penny truly does count!