New Classroom in Uganda

Where we came from

In September of 2011, Meaningful Volunteer completed the construction of a solar powered school in the small Ugandan village of Buyaya. The school was built to honor Andy Manley who died tragically in a house explosion.

The school acts as preschool primarily and also offers computer and English literacy classes to older students.

Since completion of the school we have: 

  • Added a rain-fed water system 
  • Flattened out some land to provide a playground for the students 
  • Constructed a guest house for volunteers and staff 
  • Started numerous livelihood projects such as briquette making and tailoring 
  • Seen numerous students graduate and move onto school elsewhere 
  • Served countless meals to hungry children

Where we are going

The school has been very successful. The locals love the school and the educational boost that it is giving its children. 

Now we are experiencing growing pains. More children want to attend the school than we can provide. So we have made the decision to add another classroom. 

The local community has offered to provide the labor free of charge and we only need to raise money for the building materials. 

This will amount to $US 2,000. We hope you can help us with this endeavour and help us to continue to make a meaningful impact in Uganda.