Meaningful Volunteer Fundraiser at Good Shepherd's Daycare

Every year, the Good Shepherd's Daycare in Coquitlam BC Canada puts on their annual Christmas concert.

At the concert Santa hands out Christmas gifts to the children.  We can neither confirm nor deny that Meaningful Volunteer founder Malcolm Trevena was inside the Santa outfit.

Joey Albert-Pacis the director of the daycare then asked parents if they would like to donate to Meaningful Volunteer.  Some very generous donations were received and these will be used to fund Christmas parties at our schools in Nepal and Uganda.

Thanks again Good Shepherd Daycare!

We'd love for you to become a Friend of Meaningful Volunteer and help to support the work we do.  By become a Friend you will:

  • Support our wonderful staff in Uganda and Nepal
  • Provide school lunches for our 100+ students
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