Laptops Purchased

The Meaningful Volunteer Trust - based out of Auckland New Zealand, recently purchased four laptop computers for use in the RYE School.

These laptops (see here for specs) will be used to teach the children in the Romblon Province of the Philippines.  They will initially be taught how to type and use a mouse.  These two skills alone will open up a world of possibilities to them. 

The latops will also be used to teach Word Processing, data entry and so on once the children have mastered the basic skills. 

Meaningful Volunteer will also look to partner with several medium size call centers and ISPs (Internet Service Providers).  We will approach for them donations, and in return we can provide them with employees who are fluent speakers of English and are computer literate.  This provides benefits to all parties, but especially to local students who have a realistic chance of getting a job in Manila once their education is finished.

The laptops are all WiFi enabled and Meaningful Volunteer is investigating ways to get Internet to the island, which will open up even more doors for the residents.

The laptops each cost 11,900 Philippine pesos (~ $US 245).

If you like this initiative, and would like to donate a laptop and help us to empower even more people, then click here.