First Payment to the Payawpao Orchids


After much measuring, cutting, rolling, and varnishing, the Payawpao Orchids have produced their very first craft item!

Now that they have the process sorted out, they are producing many beads and necklaces.

Not only have they produced many craft items, but they have also sold their first items to Meaningful Volunteer James Willet from the U.S.A.  The other volunteers on the island were equally excited and purchased their own items which led to the very first payment to the craft group. 

Each lady received approx. 1,000 pesos (~ $US 20.83).  This will be the first of many and the amount should increase overtime.  The Meaningful Shop retained 10% of the money from the items sold.  This will go toward the hosting of the website as well as the purchase of plastic beads, paper, varnish, and so on.