RYE School Summer Program


The schools in the Philippines are just about to have their graduation ceremony and are about to start the summer holidays.

Meaningful Volunteer is taking advantage of this opportunity to start its Summer School Program.  This will serve two purposes.  Firstly, it will give some students who are struggling in their studies that extra boost.   And secondly, it will allow us to run some pilot classes to determine what the best way of running the classes is.

The Summer School program will be run at Sugod Elementary School on Tablas Island.  Malcolm Trevena gave an introductory talk about the Summer School Program to students and staff.  They were especially excited about the chance to use the laptops purchased by Meaningful Volunteer.

Each student was issued with a small comic book that explained the concepts and ideas behind the RYE School.  The comic book was developed by Christopher Leinonen.  Be sure to visit his website.