Control Group Testing

Meaningful Volunteer wants to do great job of educating children.  We also want to know that we are doing a great job.

To accomplish this we are doing control group testing.  This means that we are going to test as many children as we can to find out their average English competency.  The children who attend the RYE School will do the same test.  Six months or so later, a similar test will be given.  If the children in the RYE School are doing significantly better than those students who are not attending, then we are doing something right!

We have started our testing and have targeted the villages of Sogud, Cabulotan, Long Beach  and Kawayan.  The test concentrates on speaking, listening and read.  You can view the test here.  The tests take about 30 minutes to perform and we have done about 140 tests to date.

Initial results are showing that students who have a long walk to school have significantly lower average level than those with a short walk.