Spreading the Project Lifecycle Message


Meaningful Volunteer was recently invited to give a presentation at a mini-conference in Sugod, St. Agustin.  The conference focused on ending gender-based violence and inequality issues.

Ingrid Potgieter headed up the talk with Malcolm Trevena. Eden Navia assisted with translation.

The talk focused on the SDM method of contraception.  Ingrid introduced the method, went over the scientific basis for it and talked about who the method is suitable for.  The talk was very well received with many ladies expressing interest in the method.

No necklaces were actually given out though as we want to make sure all our processes and training are in place before we start distributing them.  Nothing could be worse for the project than an untrained person using the necklace, incorrectly using it and then getting pregnant.  The necklace would immediately be perceived as "useless".

In about three of four weeks time, Meaningful Volunteer has arranged for Mitos Rivera from the Institute of Reproductive Health to come and provide training to the BHWs (Barangay [village] Health Workers).  Once this is complete, we will be in a position to start distributing the necklaces.