Projector Donated


Teaching computer classes in a developing country is hard.  Our volunteers have done wonderful work in overcoming numerous obstacles including:

  • Acquiring the computers
    The Meaningful Volunteer Trust donated two computers and Ed Thayer of America donated a further two.
  • Numerous power cuts
    After a recent storm, the power was out for three days.  There is usually at least one power outage a day, but sometimes there is up to three or four.
  • Language barriers
    Teaching a computer concepts can be hard at the best of time.  Throw in language difficulties between students and teachers and you have an even more difficult situation.
  • Student hesitancy and nervousness
    Many of the students are touching computers for the first time as part of our classes.  They are understandably nervous and sometimes struggle to try something new for fear they might "break" the computer

One piece of the puzzle was missing: A projector.  Bob Bozsa - based in the United States of America - responded our need and donated a projector.

The projector is already making the world of difference.  Understanding tasks such as drag-and-dropping and resizing column widths is so much easier to understand when you can watch the teacher doing it.

The projector will also be used for family planning sessions and any other community based work that Meaningful Volunteer is doing.

Thanks Bob!  You've made a world of difference to many impoverished Filipinos.