Payawpao Orchids Formed


Meaningful Volunteer is set to launch the Meaningful Shop in the not-too-distant future.  The Meaningful Shop is a coordinated approach of all the various Meaningful Volunteer craft and sponsorship initiatives across the world.

The Payawpao Orchids are the first group to join the initiative.  Mt. Payawpao is a local mountain that dominates the local landscape

The Payawpao Orchids initially consists of five ladies:  Erna, Agustina, Flor, Vivina and Bhim.  Once the five ladies are generating enough money for themselves, five more ladies will be added.  Once those ladies are earning enough, five more will be added and so on.

The Payawpao Orchids are starting by making paper based jewelry.  The technique involves taking recycled paper, cutting it into long thin triangles and rolling the triangles into tight beads.  Wood varnish is added to make the beads hard