Locals Using the SDM Method

For a long time now, our dedicated staff have been working hard to roll out the SDM (Standard Days Method) Method here on the island of Tablas in the Philippines.  We worked hard to understand the sexual health of the island with our 500 person survey and were especially pleased with how well the training went. 

The local BHWs (Barangay Health Workers) were very excited to go out and promote the product, but we made them wait another week or so before we finally sent them out into the community.

By all accounts, the BHWs have been very successful in promoting and selling the SDM Necklaces.  It was very satisfying for us when one of volunteer happened to be in a locals home and took a picture.

On a slightly funnier (tragic?) note, we learnt that one lady in the isolated village of Cawayan thought that she had to first boil the necklace and then drink the resulting mixture!  A local health care worker was quickly dispatched to put her right.