Seeking Corporate Sponsorship in Makati

Seeking Corporate Sponsorship in Makati


Malcolm Trevena - founder of Meaningful Volunteer - was recently in Makati to try and get some corporate sponsorship for the RYE School.

Makati is the financial hub of the Philippines.  It is where almost all of the big corporations in the Philippines have their base. It is the Wall Street of the Philippines.

Malcolm had meetings with two corporations.

The first was with Shell Philippines*.   Malcolm went through all the various Meaningful Volunteer projects before going into specific funding requirements for the RYE School.  Shell Philippines were very impressed with the RYE School initiative and the "modest cost" to build the RYE School itself.  Some more work needs to be done to align the financial requirements with Shell Philippines' CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) philosophy.  Early results are promising and it looks like Shell Philippines and Meaningful Volunteer will work closely in the future.

The second meeting was with Cemex.  Cemex is a concrete manufacturer.  Once again, Malcolm went through all of the Meaningful Volunteer programs.  Cemex was also impressed with the initiatives.  At the very least Cemex is going to donate the cement to build the RYE School.  This is great news!  Cemex is currently at the end of its giving budget cycle.  Come December, they'll have more money available - some of which will hopefully go toward the RYE School!

Overall, this was a very productive day for Meaningful Volunteer and the RYE School.

Should any other corporates wish to partner with us, the please contact us. 

* Malcolm would just like to wave to the incompetent taxi driver who managed to turn a half hour trip into a one-and-half hour ordeal that saw Malcolm arrive thirty minutes late to the meeting...