A Thousand Mile Football Tournament

Article 24 of the Declaration of Human Rights states that:

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure [...].

This basic right is often denied to young children.  They often work long hours on the farm, or caring for younger siblings, and they don't get a chance to play and just be kids.

Kate Nicholls set up to change this by biking for a thousand miles across the United Kingdom.

Kate raised over a thousand dollars to provide the School for Andy in Uganda with:

A flat section of land to build a proper football pitch

  • Soccer goal posts
  • Boots and kits
  • A ball bank

Kate raised over one thousand U.S. dollars and this will be more than enough to cover the costs.

The biggest challenge will be to flatten out some land.  This is trickier than it sounds as the school resides on the slopes of Mt. Elgon.  

Construction will begin once the rainy season ends.

The children were so excited about their upcoming pitch that it was decided to have a football in anticipation. Check out pictures from the tournament below.