A Thousand Mile Bike Ride for the Right to Play

Former Volunteer Kate Nicholls is doing something truly amazing. She is biking over a thousand miles to give kids in Uganda the Right to Play!

Kate plans to raiser over $1,000.  You can donate to her ride here.  There are some great perks you can claim as well.

From Kate:

On the 24th July I will be starting my attempt to bike a thousand miles spanning the UK, from the furthest southern point in England- Lands End to the furthest northern point-John O' Groats in Scotland.   Check out my proposed route here.

I am doing this to try and give children in Uganda the Right to Play!

I volunteered in Uganda in 2011 where I helped to build a solar powered school.  The kids we worked with and got to know were just awesome, but their days seemed to change little between back breaking labor, collecting water, tilling the land, and well... not much else!

I helped organise a football (soccer)  tournament when I was over there and they just loved it! It was great that they got a chance to be kids and have fun, what all children have a right to do. With your help I now want to take it to the next level.

Here is the plan:

  • Flatten out a section of land at the solar powered school for the children to play on.
  • Install goal posts.
  • Set up a Ball Bank
    A crate of footballing equipment (balls, cones, bibs and whistles) which the school can use and also sign out to local schools.