Robyn’s Nest

As previously noted, our school in Uganda is creaking at the seams and we need to build more classrooms. 

Thanks to some generous support we are starting to make that happen. 

One of our good friends is a young lady named Robyn who has been diagnosed with autism. Robyn has been a big part of Megin and Malcolm’s life since she was seven. She has become part of their family and loves interacting with their children. She brings joy wherever she goes. 

Robyn’s parents, Bob and Gloria Ratner, made a generous donation that provided the initial funding to get the extra classrooms started. The money was donated in memory of Gloria's mother, Eva Miller.

In honor of Robyn, we have named the new classrooms Robyn’s Nest. 

Robyn's Nest will both be used to teach preschool children and to raise awareness about autism. 

One of the most pleasing aspects of this new project is the community involvement. The parents of the students know the value this will bring to the community and many of them have volunteered their time freely to help construct the new classrooms. 

The base of the school is well underway. Watch this space for further updates!