Heading back to Dumangas

by Malcolm Trevena

My volunteering journey started in a tiny barangay (village) of Pulao in municipality of Dumangas in the Philippines. 

It was here that my love of people in developing countries began. 

There is nothing but good memories for me in Dumangas. 

I fly out to the Philippines tomorrow. Mostly for business, but also to visit my friends in Dumangas. 

I will visit the school I used to teach at and do some scouting to possibly (possibly!) expand Meaningful Volunteer into the area. I will be talking to the locals to found out their concerns for the area and how Meaningful Volunteer might help. I will be checking out how safe the area is and looking for families that volunteers could stay at. All the normal due diligence stuff we do when we expand.

I hope we can expand here, but no guarantees. Watch this space!