Rain Catcher Completed at our School in Uganda

I recently got an email from Mary and Esther - our hard working staff in Uganda - announcing the completion of a water catchment system that sits on top of the new classrooms at our school. 


This will provide yet more clean water to our students. What amazed me about the successful completion on the project is how very little I actually did. Mary and Esther did a wonderful job coordinating this whole project. We have such wonderful staff! 

I drank bottled water during my visits to Buyaya. One particular time I was there during the dry season. The locals went to the nearby well and got some water. I remember peering into it and noticing not only how dirty it looked, but also the little wriggly worms inside. 

So glad the kids at our school will be drinking rain water. 

Our long term plans is to get a deep water well for the village so that everyone can get clean water. The wells go deep into the ground to the underlying aquifer. Deep water wells cost about $US10,000 so it is a little beyond our budget at the moment.

Written by Malcolm Trevena