A New Playground for Nepal and the Right to Play

Children being denied the right to play

Article 24 of the Declaration of Human Rights states that: 

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.

For children, “the right to rest and leisure” means the right to play. The right to explore, to play games, to climb trees, to play hide-and-seek, and so many more childhood activities. 

This right is often ignored in both developing and non-developing countries. 

In places like South Korea, children are often pushed to extremes with several after school classes in subjects like English, music, art, and calligraphy piled on after regular school. This often sees young children spend upwards of 16 hours a day in education. 

In countries like Uganda, the same right is ignored as children spend countless hours milling the fields or smashing bigger rocks into smaller rocks for use in the building industry. 

With this is mind, we’d like to acknowledge and show our eternal gratitude to the Manley Family who made a very generous donation that will go towards a playground at our school in Nepal
Stay tuned for updates as our playground comes together.